Hi guys,

I used Wicket-1.4.3 & Wicket-1.4.3 on Windows XP & Tomcat 6, and I've got a
strange behavior on the component AjaxEditableLabel.

If I insert "peut-ĂȘtre" in the field, the character with the accent will be
badly stored. In the code, I see the following code into the Ajax behavior:
final String saveCall = "{" +
                generateCallbackScript("wicketAjaxGet('" + getCallbackUrl()
                    "&save=true&'+this.name+'='+wicketEncode(this.value)") +
"; return false;}";

If I change it, like it was done into the commit r835229 for the
ajaxEditMultineLabel (see
with this code:

final String saveCall = "{" + "wicketAjaxPost('" + getCallbackUrl(true) +
                    "&save=true', wicketSerialize(this)); return true;}";

It works, I retrieve the correct text.

Can it be possible to change this part of code to avoid changing the Tomcat
server configuration ?


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