I just tried the sorting with grid examples in Firefox 3.5.5 and it
works just fine.


On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 10:20 PM, Charles Deal <chuckdea...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm using Wicket 1.4.1 with inmethod grid 1.4.1.
> We have successfully used the inmethod grid in a few different scenarios but
> have focused mostly on supporting IE6.  When a grid column is sortable, you
> can click the header for the column to initiate the sort.  In IE6 this works
> as expected, however we are now testing our app in FF3.5.5 and when the
> header is clicked we receive
> "Ajax POST stopped because of precondition check,
> url:../../../../?wicket:interface=:10:contentPanel:dataForm:romEvents:2:collapsibleBody:sections:1:nonemptyLanguage:subsections:slocWrapper:romSlocData:collapsibleBody:sections:1:slocData:datagrid:form:header:header:csu::IActivePageBehaviorListener:0:4&wicket:ignoreIfNotActive=true"
> in the Wicket Ajax Debug window.
> Upon investigation with FireBug, the Wicket.$$ is returning false.  It is at
> this point that I am at a loss.  The Wicket.$$ method is able to
> getElementById and return an instance of the object but for some reason it
> is a different instance of the same element.  In my example, the
> getElementById returns an instance that has children (correct) while the
> element that was passed to the Wicket.$$ method does not have children
> (incorrect).  How could the 'this' object (which is what is passed to the
> Wicket.$$ method as element) not match what getElementById() returns?
> *
> *
> As a sanity check has anyone else implemented a sorting column with inmethod
> DataGrid and used FireFox 3.5.5 to test it?  Can anyone shed some light on
> this problem for me?

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