Probably the answer to the original question is just use
HttpSessionStore. Its similar issue to when deploying to GAE where you
don't have a disk to serialise to.


On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 4:13 AM, Marat Radchenko
<> wrote:
>>  I wasn't using Model in this precise case. I thought using Model was a best
>>  practice, to save memory.
> Choosing proper model isn't (almost always) about performance, it's
> about logic. You _have_ to use plain serializing model for data that
> isn't stored anywhere else. You _have_ to use LDM in cases when it is
> a logical error to operate on outdated data backed by db storage.
>> Indeed I understand that using Mdel is mandatory,
>>  if you want avoid strange behaviour. IMHO using LoadableDetachableModel is
>>  an extra cost, (cpu, time, design) not necessary for simpler cases.
> On the other side, LDM usually reduces page size -> allows faster
> serilization. But anyway, you decide what model to use based on
> application logic requirements. The only choice that is _mostly_
> driven by performance conciderations is AbstractReadonlyModel vs. LDM.
> But still, sometimes application logic makes it inappropriate to use
> LDM since its value has to change during request.
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