we are experiencing occasional page expirations in our Wicket based application when user is working in several browser tabs.

After some debugging, i got to PageWindowManager class, which manages positions and size of serialized pages in the pagemap file.

I have identified adjustWindowSize(int index, int size) method as the source of my problem, namely this part:

// merge as many times as necessary
while (window.filePartSize < size && index < windows.size() - 1)

The problem with this is that beyond the resized window there might be a page window containing data of another page (open in another browser tab).
This code just wipes the data out.

I haven't found any 'quick fix' solution for this.
I might replace DiskPageStore with SimpleSynchronousFilePageStore, but that "will perform badly in production." as the documentation states and it will require altering wicket code anyway, so I'd prefer another solution...
any thoughts?

Tom Kmec
eea cz

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