I have a panel with a form on it.  I've attached an ajaxButton to submit
the form.  Afterward, I want the inputs to be reset with the backing model
reset.  I've done a lot of refreshing with an ajax submit, but I can't seem
to get the form's values to reset in the webpage.  The backing model seems
to be reset, but when I add the form (or it's individual children) to the
they don't refresh.

I've done a variation of this where I have a repeating view up top and when 
that row is selected, it would populate the form, but I had to put the form
in a fragment and add the fragment to the target to get that to work.  Can
somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong here?


public class MyPanel extends Panel
        public MyPanel(String id, Widget myWidget)
                MyForm myForm = new MyForm("myForm", new MyWidget());
                add(new AjaxButton("saveLink", myForm)
                        protected void onSubmit(AjaxRequestTarget target,
Form form)
                                //save stuff
                                //refresh repeating view
                                //now reset the form so the input fields are
cleared and there's
                                //a new backing model
                                form.clearInput();  //this isn't working
                                form.setDefaultModelObject(new MyWidget());
//this seems to reset the backing model, but the inputs are still popuated
on the page

        private MyForm myForm extends Form
                public MyForm(String id, Widget myWidget)
                        TextField textField = new
TextField<String>("myField", new PropertyModel<String>(myWidget,

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