out of the box Wicket generates urls for packaged resources that
contain fully-qualified class names, e.g.:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
href="resources/org.example.MyClassName/decorations/style.css" />

Now in accordance with our security policies we are not allowed to
expose internal application details -- and fully qualified class name
certainly fits that category.

On the other hand we do very much want to package resources together
with the components that use them -- this approach seems to be way
more convenient in practice than any other option.

So I've been looking into whether it is possible to encrypt resource
references (at least the class name part). My research led me to
SharedResources.resourceKey(final Class<?> scope, final String path,
final Locale locale, final String style)
method which apparently is responsible for inserting FQNs into urls.

Unfortunately this place seems to be locked down hard -- method is
'NOT PART OF THE WICKET PUBLIC API' and corresponding accessor method
in Application is final. Moreover the field containing the instance in
Application is private final -- so even reflection is no help.

So any ideas how can I encrypt/obfuscate resource references without
resorting to aliasing every single class on the classloader path?
(aliasing 'as needed' is not really an option as it would be
devilishly hard to ensure that there are no un-aliased urls as the
system is developed in the future and new components/resources are

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