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quote "I was able to get around this by subclassing WebRequestCodingStrategy and
overriding methods:
encode(RequestCycle requestCycle, ISharedResourceRequestTarget
to use arguments rather than path as resource reference. "

haven't tried that myself yet, but will need it in the near future.

IMHO it would make sense to include this in the


On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 4:01 PM, Sergey Olefir <> wrote:
> Hi,
> out of the box Wicket generates urls for packaged resources that
> contain fully-qualified class names, e.g.:
> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
> href="resources/org.example.MyClassName/decorations/style.css" />
> Now in accordance with our security policies we are not allowed to
> expose internal application details -- and fully qualified class name
> certainly fits that category.
> On the other hand we do very much want to package resources together
> with the components that use them -- this approach seems to be way
> more convenient in practice than any other option.
> So I've been looking into whether it is possible to encrypt resource
> references (at least the class name part). My research led me to
> SharedResources.resourceKey(final Class<?> scope, final String path,
> final Locale locale, final String style)
> method which apparently is responsible for inserting FQNs into urls.
> Unfortunately this place seems to be locked down hard -- method is
> 'NOT PART OF THE WICKET PUBLIC API' and corresponding accessor method
> in Application is final. Moreover the field containing the instance in
> Application is private final -- so even reflection is no help.
> So any ideas how can I encrypt/obfuscate resource references without
> resorting to aliasing every single class on the classloader path?
> (aliasing 'as needed' is not really an option as it would be
> devilishly hard to ensure that there are no un-aliased urls as the
> system is developed in the future and new components/resources are
> added)
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