I am running into a very odd problem with modal windows.  The problem
occurs in Firefox and not in IE7.  


I have a list of links which each display a modal window to create a
different type of item.  One of the links(call it item A) brings up a
modal with the same links so you can create a particular sub-item.

All but one of the links displays the modal window correctly from the
original list.  The link that does not work tries to create a modal
window for item D.    The link for item D tries to open the modal as a
brand new page.  However if I click the link for modal A and then from
within that click the link for modal D, I get a message "Are you sure
you want to navigate away from this page.  Reloading this page will
cause the modal window to disappear."  If I click cancel repeatedly then
the correct modal window finally displays.  I can then go back to the
original list of links and click modal D and it all works.  


Everything works correctly under IE 7.   Any ideas?



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