I have a list page and a detail page.  The
list is the results of a search and I put
this in a listview.  The user can then click
each item to view it in the detail.

What I'm doing now is passing the result object
to the detail page so they can continue to 
navigate (next >) the results without having
to go back to the list.  Also, when they return
to the list, it should have the same results they
had (preferrably without requerying the database).

I now want to make the detail page bookmarkable.
So I can pass a string value along that identifies
the detail record to retrieve, but I'm in a quandry
as to how to handle the result object.

I need to put this someplace where the pages can see
it and all I can think of is the session.  I'm 
reluctant to put this on the session because it
will be > 1k in size and possibly up to 3k.  That's
a big object to put on the session, especially in 
a clustered environment.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to get
the bookmarkable detail page and still have a ref
to this result object?

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