On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 11:58 PM, James Carman

> What I'll do is set it up in wicketstuff.  That way others can
> contribute/maintain it too.  I've got permission already, so I can put
> it up there sometime this evening.
Do you have a location already for the source? I still think that wicket
core would be a better place since wicket-spring and wicket-guice are also
already there.

Meanwhile I also did some refactoring already and implemented caching Not
much is left of the original code, but I think it is simpler the way I have
it now.  A side effect is that I also have a simple Injector class that can
be used to perform injection into any class. Almost all code I have a is
wicket-independent and the ComponentInstantiationListener is basically a
one-liner now.

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