A nice NetBeans plugin:

Provides refactoring support and more.

So if you rename or move between packages any Wicket components
including pages then the plugin renames and moves the HTML, too.

I think that an IDE should provide refactoring support so I think that
Wicket needs that, too.



On Wed, 28 Apr 2010 15:17:11 -0400, you wrote:

>Wicket n00b here.  How good is Wicket Bench?  I read on the site that
>it lacks maintainers and it didn't seem like it had alot of powerful
>features, just some nice convenience things.  Is it a "must have"?
>Also, is it compatible with the latest Wicket release?  I didn't see
>anything on the wicket bench site saying what version of wicket it was
>compatible with.
>Brian Mulholland
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