> Using wicketstuff tinymce 1.4.1 attached to a TextArea, it seems I
> cannot get it to stop escaping the resulting HTML:
>             TextArea<String> textArea = new
> TextArea<String>("threadSubjectTextInput", new Model<String>(""));
>             textArea.setEscapeModelStrings(false);
>             TinyMCESettings settings = new TinyMCESettings();
>             settings.setToolbarLocation(TinyMCESettings.Location.top);
>             TinyMceBehavior behavior = new TinyMceBehavior(settings);
>             textArea.add(behavior);

Forget it, it was code from a copy & paste developer, worked when I added the 
escape call to the other "copy" of this code... 

- Tor Iver

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