I recently developed a component that can be added to any form to put
a character countdown div next to any textarea. Just for some
background, the component constructor is:
CharacterCountdownPanel(String id, TextArea textArea, int charLimit).

The textarea is necessary because the countdown panel needs to know
the id of the generated markup (Although while typing this, I realize
it might be useful for textfields as well, so that may change). But
one issue I often encounter with components like these is the need to
generate highly dynamic javascript, and I really dislike mixing up
java string concatenation with multiline js functions.

Does anyone do anything to reduce this language mismatch? One idea I
had was to pull the entire javascript function into its own file, and
use something similar to Wicket's property file handling, and have a
model pull all the dynamic values into the script. I could use a
regular property file, but I don't know if it makes sense to put the
entire js function as a single property in one giant line. Any

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