On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 5:47 PM, Chris Colman

> >Is your servlet container listening directly to port 80?
> Yes. It's pure tomcat - not behind Apache Webserver.
> >If not, do the forwarding via a proxy on whatever you are using
> >as a frontend.  In that frontend, have it rewrite the URLs (i.e.
> >mod_proxy and mod_rewrite).
> >
> >Otherwise, can you have your app mounted on "/"?
> I have quite a few non wicket servlets for things like commands and web
> services and each, including wicket, have their own unique context so
> that they can all operate peacefully together under.
> If I mount the wicket app on "/" will that then pick up request for all
> the other contexts or is there a way to mount wicket at "/" and still
> have other contexts mapping to different servlets?

If you're using the Filter, it should fall through for other requests -
allowing them to still be processed.  You may have to configure this
behavior - it's been a while since I've personally done it.  I know that
last week I configured a Wicket webapp on /foo when I already had another
app on / and they both worked just fine.  Two wars - one deployed in
tomcat/webapps/ROOT, and the other in tomcat/webapps/foo.  It just worked.

Jeremy Thomerson

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