I am currently using wicketstuff-jquery for jQuery integration.  However,
that project seems to be stalled.  I've seen many good references to both
wiQuery and jWicket on the list and jWicket seems to line up closer to what
wicketstuff-jquery was.  Which I'm hoping will lead to less pain when
swapping out the library.

I've been searching this morning trying to find the distribtables for the
project but have not been able to find anything recent (or that appears
recent).  The wicketstuff repo (
http://wicketstuff.org/maven/repository/org/wicketstuff/) shows numerous
jwicket subprojects, but the 1.4-SNAPSHOT version of the jars is OLDER than
the 1.4.2 version of the jars.  I don't know which jars to pull.

So, I was going to pull the source and build it myself.  Now, I am having
trouble finding the svn repo.  I expected to find the source here (
but instead I found (a presumably older) copy here (

The mailing list, over the last few months, references jWicket being at
versions that look like 0.5.0, and most recently 0.5.7.  No mention of those
versions was found in the wicketstuff repo for this project.

Could someone confirm the latest version of jWicket or supply the path to
the svn codebase?  It would be much appreciated.

Chuck Deal

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