[If there is a wicketstuff specific mailing list please let me know
and I will be happy to post there ( is down so its
difficult to find information).]

I am using wicketstuff-merged-resources (3.1-SNAPSHOT) with
wicketstuff-annotation (1.1) and I have found a potential issue with
annotation detection. My page hierarchy looks something like this:

public abstract class BasePage extends WebPage { ... }

public class HomePage extends BasePage { ... }

I would like to add @JsContribution to BasePage however the resources
are only included if the concrete page (in this example: 'HomePage')
also has resource annotations. Removing @JsContribution from HomePage
results in all resources from BasePage also disappearing. Is this a
known bug? Am I using the framework incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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