Hi I somehow think theres something wrong with the Wicket Guice proxy
(probably only if you are using guice 2 & possibly warp persist)

Anyhow I have had to change my LDM's to this code, notice the injector
holder in the getter method really really bad. But if not I get an
"entity manager is closed":

public class ClassWithDao {

        public ClassWithDao() {

        private transient PhoneDao phoneDao;

         * This method contains a fix, should ordinary be avoided! There
should be no need for calling the extra InjectorHolder method!
         * @return
>>      public PhoneDao getPhoneDao() {
>>              InjectorHolder.getInjector().inject(this);
>>              return phoneDao;
>>      }

        public void setPhoneDao(PhoneDao phoneDao) {
                this.phoneDao = phoneDao;

Am I doing anything wrong I wonder, however the first requests are
always working it's after something has been trough the session store
it goes wrong..

-regards Nino

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