The default value for both is false! The code:

        private boolean onDragStartNotificationWanted = false;
         * If set to {...@code true}, the callback-Method {...@link 
         * is called when the drag operation starts.
         * @param value {...@code true} or {...@code false}.
         * @return this object
        public DraggableBehavior setWantOnDragStartNotification(final boolean 
value) {
                onDragStartNotificationWanted = value;
                return this;

So I can't see any side effect of calling


There must be some other strange situation.


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Betreff: Re: drag and drop

Thank you for your help. 
So I solved it by using repeaters "RepeatingView".
On DropEvent I add the droppedComponent to the repeating view and update the
I also had to set wantOnDragStartNotification(false),
wantOnDragStopNotification(false), otherwise the dropped Component was not
found on page - don't know really why

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