Thank you very much Nino and Kent,

I've read about Wicketpagetest before and I've been planning to try it out. Looks like now is my chance :-)


On 04/06/2010 02:16, Kent Tong wrote:
Hi Ronan,

Looking at the output of WicketTester.debugComponentTrees() I can see that the grid row is the deepest level with a wicket id:
panel:storyGrid:form:bodyContainer:body:row:2:item com.inmethod.grid.common.AbstractGridRow

If you use, then you can test
it easily like:

   Selenium s = ...;
assert s.getText("wicket=//storyGrid//body//row[2]//item[3]").equals("foo";

In this example you're checking the the 3rd cell in the 2nd row (both
are 0-based).

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