For release I'm doing at work I need to generate a wicketstuff-core release.

I see that there have been some updates to trunk (1.4.10-SNAPSHOT) so if you would like these changes to be included in the this point release please back port your changes to the 1.4.9 branch.

I've also just turned on snapshot building (through my Hudson instance) for the and the versions and they are being deployed into the oss.sonatype.org snapshot repository. The polling is every 15 minutes (at 0:15:30:45) just like with trunk.

The 1.4.9 wicketstuff-core branch is here: https://wicket-stuff.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wicket-stuff/branches/wicketstuff-core-1.4.9/

Probably I am going to cut the point release on Thursday or Friday next week.



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