We've been using the grid for quite some time now and have accumulated a few
changes to the codebase.  I'd like to submit them for other users to review
and discuss, in the hopes that they will make it into the wicketstuff
codebase in the future.  The following are brief descriptions of the
attached files.

This patch simply adds a resize event to the grid.  We noticed that when the
browser was resized, the grid wouldn't resize until the user attempted to

Some small changes to facilitate more code reuse.

Move the header and toolbars into the form.  This allows the header to
determine the form automatically so that, for example, when sorting a grid,
the behavior can submit the form to retain any transient changes to the

Refactor the AjaxFormSubmitBahvior implementation into its own class to be
used by custom behaviors.  Altered the code to use the new class.

Add support for adding rows to the grid.

As I said, my team have been successfully using (almost all of) these
patches since at least June 2008.  The script patch is the only one that is
a recent change.  I'd appreciate some feedback and if no objections are
made, I'd like to get these patches into the scm.
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