youve been added.

As for the requirement with core, I think you just need to add the
project to the pom on core, I'd suggest looking at one of the projects
thats already in there (so you can copy and paste)..

regards Nino

2010/6/7 Charles Deal <>:
> Excellent.  sf username: cdeal
> First things first then.  If I get some patches put into scm other people
> will see that it is still a viable project.  Then as I get time, I'll
> extract some of my code into some kind of example.
> What are the requirements for building with core and who do I contact to get
> this included in the core build process?
> On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 5:24 PM, nino martinez wael <
>> wrote:
>> go for commit rights. And for requirements it would be good to have an
>> example project other than that it should just be working :)
>> 2010/6/3 Charles Deal <>:
>> > Is anyone out there maintaining/using this library?
>> >
>> > I am using it and I have a handful of modifications that I'd like to push
>> > back into the source tree.  Should I prepare a patch and JIRA issue or
>> shall
>> > I pursue commit access for this library?
>> >
>> > I would also like to get it hooked into the build process.  It seems like
>> I
>> > only need to add the wicketstuff-core reference to this pom and have the
>> > wicketstuff-core pom updated to include this  module.  What else needs to
>> be
>> > done?  Are there specific requirements for a library to be part of the
>> > wicketstuff-core build?
>> >
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