I've created a simple BooleanChoiceRenderer that I use along with
ChoiceFilteredPropertyColumn that maps to a Boolean property.

public class BooleanChoiceRenderer implements IChoiceRenderer<Boolean> {

    public BooleanChoiceRenderer() {

    public Object getDisplayValue(Boolean object) {
        return object == null ? "" : object ? "Y" : "N";

    public String getIdValue(Boolean object, int index) {
        return object == null ? "" : object.toString();

This works fine, however, I'd like to use i18n and pull the values for
True/False from a property file.
Preferably a top level property file like WicketApplication.properties where
I keep properties that are used throughout the app such as nullValid=Any (to
replace "Choose one" in DDC).

*What is the best way to achieve this? I've searched nabble for a while but
didn't find anything :(

*Is there some "Global" mechanism  to make displayed values for Booleans
throughout the app be certain values?
 so that each time I use a Column that maps to a Boolean property I don't
need to override populateItem and decide what will be displayed for


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