On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 10:10 AM, Kent Tong <k...@cpttm.org.mo> wrote:
> I agree that if the service is simply delegating to the DAO without
> adding anything, then it is probably be a good idea to merge them.
> However, this sample application is meant to demonstrate how to do
> it in a general case where the service does more than simple delegation.

If you use a more domain-driven approach, you don't need services as
much.  Your entities can have the repositories (daos) injected into
them via Spring's @Configurable/@Autowire support.  So, you can move a
lot of your business logic into the entities themselves.  Now,
sometimes you just have to use services because there's just no good
way to do some things, but for a lot of the usecases you'll encounter,
you don't.

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