Looks like it is Apache 2.0, which I'd be willing to guess would be required 
for something to show up on wicketstuff.



On Jun 20, 2010, at 8:41 AM, Avraham Rosenzweig wrote:

> Hello All,
>   I've been looking at the InMethod Grid (from wicketstuff) for use in one
> of my projects, but I can't find out under what license it is distributed.
>   Does someone know something about it? A URL for the license info/text
> would be nice.
>   And if we are already talking about it, I would be happy if anyone have a
> suggestion about a Wicket Library that provides a Data Table with support
> for column resizing, sort, pagination, and scrolling inside the table like
> InMethod We are open for suggestions, either open source or commercial.
> Thanks,
>    Avraham
> -- 
> []'s
> Avraham Rosenzweig
> avrah...@gmail.com

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