Need help on this.
We currently deployed a wicket application on glassfish.
The application's home page is mounted as "/login" - declared in the
application as a mountable bookmarkable page.

when i try to access it directly in glassfish

i don't have a problem with the generated links

the login has a link to forgot password for example, when i click it i can
easily go to that link.

when i try to click that link,
it will not work properly.

however, when i try to access forgot password from login page via a web
server reverse proxy, it doesn't work properly.
it just returns me to the login page over and over again.  i'm using sun web
server 7.0 btw

this is what the genrated link looks like

it keeps bringing me back to the same page.

so what i did was to remove the bookmarkable page and i was able to access
the forgot password page once again.
the generated link allowed me to access it this time
here's the link


when i access it however through the application server directly, it all
works out.

really need help on this thanks guys


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