There is a css hell, html hell, java web app hell.
Is there a wicket hell or issues that are specific to wicket?  Because I
do believe web application development is wicket is pretty unique.  I am
still new to wicket but there are two gripes that get me every time.
And maybe over time, I will get used to the problem.
1. Hierarchy issues - The hierarchy is very strict and not like the Java
hierarchy.  If you want to reference a component, it must be added
properly in the markup and in the java code.  This can be caught at
compile time, but it is still takes time getting used to.
2. Unexpected behavior with the markup - Sometimes I expect a particular
attribute or piece of code to get output but some tags I add in the
markup get replaced by wicket.  (E.g. I added class="XXXX" to a div and
the class attribute was removed)
Note: I am not saying wicket is hell, or css or html is.  But I was just
pointing out that even wicket can have some quirks.  Am I wrong here?
Berlin Brown

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