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> >
> > Back to the original question, when you say "all changes to the form
> > are lost" - do you mean that the form rerenders with absolutely no values
> > filled out?  Only the fields that failed conversion or validation should
> be
> > blank.
> See, that throws me off, too.  Yes, the supposedly valid fields are not
> being preserved after submit and fail validation.  I would have thought
> that
> they should have been preserved, LDM be damned, but they aren't, so that
> was
> my theory as to what was causing this.
> So if that's not causing it, what could be causing such a thing?  I'd
> including source code here, but I'm not even sure what part is causing the
> problem, so that would be a lot of code.  Any ideas?

Best thing to do is try to create a quickstart that reproduces it.
 Typically, you find your error while doing this.  If not, you have
something you can give us that we can quickly run to debug your problem.

Jeremy Thomerson

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