Hi All

This is related to validating two types of Form components with Wicket 1.4.9

1.Validating a TextArea using the StringValidator to check for a min and max
   studyDescriptionTxtArea.add(StringValidator.lengthBetween(1, 255));

When I tested with a text content that triggers this validation, the error
message reported displays the content of the Text Area  that was entered
followed by
the error message..e.g Output:
All the text from studyDescriptionTxtArea + is not between 1 and 255
characters long.The user woudn't  want it to repeat the content on the
feedback panel.

Where have i gone wrong and what is involved in resolving it?

2. Validating a Date Field to report if the date entered is in the future.

   dateOfApplicationDp.setLabel( new
StringResourceModel("error.study.doa.max.range",this, null));
   dateOfApplicationDp.add(DateValidator.maximum(new Date()));//I could
format this date to a dd/mm/yyy but just for the test

   The resource key has the field name: i.e Date Of Application

   However I get the following message:

   07/24/2010' is larger than the maximum of Thu Jul 22 12:03:00 WST 2010.

   It is correct but would like to control this prefixed with the Field Name
also how can I add the custom error message and not just the label? i.e Date
Of Application cannot be in the future and override what Wicket Validator

Thanks for the time


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