We had a similar problem with some heavy javascript for resizing things on
the screen.
Since then in on our application init we call:

So on both Development and Deployment mode we have a similar HTML output and
we don't risk trying Ajax refresh on a wicket:container

On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 6:30 PM, Adam Bender [via Apache Wicket] <
> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I recently ran into an issue involving the swapping of fragments on an ajax
> event. The scenario looks roughly like this:
> 1) User comes to page with a form on it
> 2) User fills in form and clicks submit
> 3) Form is validated and accepted and a confirmation message is shown
> In this case the form and the confirmation message are both fragments and
> in
> order to achieve the visual effect desired the confirmation is swapped with
> the form during the execution of the onSubmit event handler for an
> AjaxButton. The effective wicket looks like this:
> <wicket:container wicket:id="feedbackContainer"></wicket:container>
> <wicket:fragment wicket:id="feedbackForm">
> ... relevant html to display form...
> </wicket:fragment>
> <wicket:fragment wicket:id="feedbackConfirmation>
> ... relevant html to display confirmation...
> </wicket:fragment>
> and the Java for swapping is something like this:
> feedbackForm.replaceWith(feedbackConfirmation);
> target.addComponent(feedbackConfirmation);
> Now when I run this in Development mode everything works exactly as
> expected. However, when I switch to Production mode (or suppress wicket
> tags
> during application configuration) this fails. In hindsight the reason is
> obvious - wicket:container will be removed from the page when Wicket tags
> are suppressed - but the only error message that appeared was in the ajax
> debugger (not usually where I find out about missing components). And while
> the error messages were telling me that the feedbackContainer wasn't on the
> screen this didn't make sense to me because I could plainly see it in my
> source. I ran around making sure I had setOutputMarkupId(true) on
> everything
> I could think of but to know avail - there just didn't seem to be any good
> feedback on what was wrong. Of course one could argue that I could have
> gotten to the bottom of this problem quicker if I just viewed the source of
> the page, or if I was more reliant on the ajax debugger and I agree. What
> is
> really at issue here is that we had a working feature in our test
> environment that - though no code was changed - started failing in our
> staging environment and no good information to diagnose it.
> Now to the feature request. As I said, in hindsight the problem here was
> obvious and the solution was very simple: change the wicket container into
> a
> real html element. What confounded me is that a subtle change to my runtime
> configuration actually broke a feature that was otherwise working fine. The
> change to the configuration happened at a time and place far removed from
> when the code was written and so the debugging process was very frustrating
> (a bit of that spooky action at a distance). Usually, the error messages
> and
> feedback from wicket are tremendous and I have often bragged about them to
> my peers using other less 'human friendly' frameworks. I have come to so
> rely on the error messages produced that when I dont see one I generally
> assume all is working well. For this reason it was quite difficult to track
> down the actual cause of the problem. So I ask: is it possible to provide a
> warning in the logs that a situation has been created that may not work in
> production mode because of the use of fragments in conjunction with a
> wicket:container? Or perhaps a more general message that captures the
> general issue of using wicket containers in production mode?
> I realize this may be a long shot of a request for any number of reasons
> (perhaps I am the only one foolish enough to put wicket:containers in my
> html) but I just spent half a day trying to sort out this problem and I was
> hoping to keep someone else from wasting their time.
> Thanks,
> Adam
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