Why not use a password field to keep the value hidden and SSL to make sure 
there are no man in the middle attacks.  Seems like you are making it too hard?

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Encrypt Form Fields Using JS

> Problem: Encrypt sensitive form fields (ie ssn) on client (javascript)
> Solution:  Create behavior which fires javascript to hash field value and 
> replace original value (###-##-####)
> This sounds simple enough, but since the length of the hashed string will 
> be considerably longer than the original string, validations on this field 
> (ssn must be nine digits) will fail.
> I've considered placing the hashed value into a hidden field, but then the 
> unencrypted value will be posted and the hashing accomplishes nothing.  If 
> I clear out the original value I lose server-side validations.  Anyone 
> have any ideas of the best way to accomplish this?
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