Hi i also tried this.
I ended up by positioning aggregation toolbar right after column headers. (as custom toolbar which extends AbstractHeaderToolbar). I think it is not easy to have this toolbar at the bottom (specially when you have enabled column resizing, because you have to bind somehow on resizing js)
Please write here a solution if you will find out how to do it.
On 09/07/2010 01:29 PM, pieter_degraeuwe wrote:

I'm looking for some hints for doing the following:

I have an Inmethod datagrid, which has the columns 'amount', 'product',
'detail', 'price'.
I would like to have at the bottom of the table (just above the paging
toolbar) an extra row which shows me the sum (total) of all prices in the
How I calculate these values (sum of the showed items, or sum of ALL items),
should not matter, I want to add these cell values by just giving a model.
But, the sum() column should be located under the 'prices' column.

I did try this via a custom Toolbar, where I add a div with it's own<table>
element. This seems to work, but I do not get the styling right. The columns
of this table should have the same width als the columns of the 'body'

Digging into the code, I saw that some javascript is used for doing the

Can anyone give me some hints what is the best approach to get the column's
size correct? (or maybe I'm doing this completely wrong?)

Thanks !

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