I've been trying to port a pre-existing web application built on Wicket 1.3
to run in an OSGi environment.  Specifically, I'm running Apache Servicemix
4.2.0.  I have tried to run the webapp with the Springsource pre-bundled
version of Wicket 1.3.3 and bundling my own version of Wicket 1.3.5.  Both
attempts have failed miserably, I believe due to required versions of
dependencies conflicting with Servicemix versions of those dependencies,
which is causing Servicemix to hang.

Has anybody had success running a webapp using a bundled version of Wicket
1.3.* (not Pax Wicket) in a Servicemix environment?  If so, which versions
of Wicket and Spring jar files were you using?  Any help would be

Joe Brunner

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