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> Wrong.  First, you have to understand what is happening behind the scenes.
>  Look at the URL that actually appears in your form's "action" attribute -
> it is a full URL to a specific component, which will invoke the
> IFormSubmitListener on that component (i.e.
> ../?wicket:interface=:13:loginForm::IFormSubmitListener::).  After that form
> is done processing, you are redirected to a URL to render whatever page is
> supposed to be rendered.  If you haven't specifically called
> "setResponsePage(...)", then this means that Wicket hast re-render the page
> that your form was on.  BUT - it can't send you back to a bookmarkable URL
> for that page (your pretty mount with query string parameters, etc), because
> your form submission could have changed all kinds of state on the page, and
> sending you to a bookmarkable URL will result in your page constructor
> getting called and rendering a new page (without all of those state
> changes).  So, you must be redirected to the exact version of the page that
> your form just modified.  Thus, you are redirected to something like
> http://localhost:8080/?wicket:interface=:13:1::: - which is a URL, not for
> the form, but for the specific version of the page that should be rendered.

We should copy/paste this into a Wiki page or something, Jeremy.
Thanks for taking the time to explain this in-depth for folks.

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