you can toggle the state with setenabled(true/false) inside onconfigure() method


On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 1:10 AM, splitshade <> wrote:
> Hi All!,
> we have a Problem here.
> We have a Page, where lots of Panels are added.
> These Panels should be individually enabled, as soon as a ValidationError is
> available for one of them.
> We have overridden isEnabled() for all Panels to return true, whenever an
> Errormessage is registered for a Panel or one of its subcomponents (using
> Visitor).
> Enablement works like a charm, Problem is, that isEnabled is called before
> FormValidation takes process, so in the first place, the panel  and its
> subcomponents are not validated, and as last call, isEnabled is called again
> to check, if the panel should be displayed as Enabled.
> So, is this a bad design? would you solve it this way or is there even a
> better solution i did not think of?
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