Again, does nobody have any suggestions?  If I can't get this fixed, I'm
going to have to write the app in another framework (possibly GWT) and
I'd really rather not have to do that.


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Subject: Processing Flow for Button onSubmit and LDM load


Again, thanks to all who have been helping me as I am new to Wicket.  I
am splitting out two issues I am dealing with to try to keep things

I am trying to write a simple app that does CRUD operations on database
records.  The goal is for the app to make use of a tab panel where each
tab encapsulates one table from the database.  Each tab panel has two
groups (WebMarkupContainer).  The first, selectGroup, displays a list
(DDC) of the current items, and three buttons, add, edit and delete.
The DDC uses a LDM to get the list of records so that changes to the
records are reflected on each request.  

When the save button is clicked the onSubmit method is called, then the
LDM load method and then the detach method (twice).  Therefore the
changes are reflected in the list when the page refreshes.

However, when the delete button is clicked, the LDM load and detach
methods are called and then the button's onSubmit.  Therefore the
changes are not reflected in the list.  This same flow is followed by
the cancel and add buttons, but since there are no changes made, it
doesn't make a practical difference in those cases.

Is it weird that the onSubmit is called before the LDM load and detach
methods for one button and after for another?  Which is the expected
processing flow?  Is there any way to change it so that the delete
process matches the save process?

Thanks in advance!


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