I'm using wiQuery and have a demo application with a Button that opens a
modal dialog successfully, but I'd like to use Links instead of Buttons, so
I'm replacing this:
<button wicket:id="open-dialog">Open dialog</button>
with an anchor/Link:
<a href="#" wicket:id="open-dialog">Open dialog</a>

and in my Java code, replacing this:
Button button = new Button("open-dialog");
with this:
Link link = new Link("open-dialog") {
    public void onClick() {

When I run it and click the link, the Dialog appears for half a second or
so, then the page refreshes itself as a result of the <a> tag's HTTP

I'd like for the dialog to appear locally WITHOUT any HTTP request/response.
And further (ideally), if Javascript is disabled, then have the onClick()
method invoked as normal.

Any ideas how I can do this?

Many thanks,

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