> > By default, if you go to /, it will redirect you to wherever the class
> > returned by getHomePage() is otherwise mounted.  I think he wants to
> > maintain the / in the address bar.  Also, a bookmarkable link to your
> home
> > page class wouldn't actually link to /, but to the otherwise mounted url.
> >
> I also find it strange to redirect to
> /wicket/bookmarkable/com.example.MyPage after request to '/'.
> The other day we discussed it in irc with Igor and that's why we made
> possible to mount at '/'.
> In the commit message I also added an idea: remove HomePageMapper and in
> App#internalInit() always do mountPage("/", getHomePage())
> This way '/' is always '/'.
> If the user still wants to mount '/' to something else than
> App#getHomePage() then she can always add another mapper which:
>  * will be asked first because added later mapper are asked before the
> older ones with the same compat score
>  * may have a higher compat score

I think that's a great idea, as long as it is easy (like you say it is) to
override that mount with a single line.

Jeremy Thomerson
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