Hi all,


I am currently using wicket-auth-roles for all pages required authorization
which is working great.

I have a page where information is shown to the user but to see further
information they are required to login. This page uses
IndexedParamUrlCodingStrategy for the URL.

I haven't to found any way to use wicket-auth-roles to do this so I have
done the following:


                        add(new Link("login") {


                                    public void onClick() {

                                                throw new
RestartResponseAtInterceptPageException(new Login());




                                    public boolean isVisible() {





In the onSubmit code in the Login page I am using the

                        if (!continueToOriginalDestination()) {




When clicking the login link it goes to the login page and then back to the
info page but without the PageParameters. Therefore the url is incorrect- it
has ?wicket:interface=:1:1::: and then some of my data is missing because it
requires the PageParameters.


How can pass the PageParameters through?


Many thanks


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