>> I don't think there is a substitute for coding skills/talent ;)))
> There isn't. That's not the point. So far your argument seems to be #1
> "I don't like this" and #2 those who don't agree with you aren't good
> coders.

Bad coding was your argument, not mine ;)

I simply don't allow bad coders into the equation.

> So a clear architecture is a plastic sword?

No, but if you don't facilitate certaint things it sort of takes the
edge off the blade ... child play stuff. You must prefer linux over
windows, eh? All those linked libraries ...

> This just doesn't make sense. Put your stuff in a panel, then it's a
> self-contained component and insulated from the hierarchy of the page
> and other components. Then you can put that component wherever you want.

Panel is not reusable enough because it has its own markup. If I
override its markup, it stops working.

> And I still haven't yet seen a convincing example of this being a
> problem worth adding the complexity.

In simple cases it makes no difference. It makes real difference with
some complex widgets (for example search components) that must be
reused on many pages and they should render differently on each page
depending on how much space and what context they are in. I don't like
duplicating code even if it is gui code.


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