MattyDE schrieb:
As i mentioned in a another thread i build my own GridView Component from
Scratch (just extending Panel).
But now our customer want a special, editable Grid.

Its no problem on my side to add "TextboxColumns", "DropDownColumns" and so
on, but i cant figure out how to connect them to a special form.

I have tried to add my whole GridView Component (which is the container of
the Textbox, DropDown, any FormComponent) and submit this form.

In FireBug i see that all this Components are send by Ajax-Request to the
server-side. But will they end in the FormComponents automatically by

If this is true, iam almost done (i think ;) )

Any other hints for develop a form-embedded Grid?
Hello Matty

have a look at the inmethod-grid <> in wicketstuff

It contains the editable feature, works out of the box and is easily extendable.



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