Hi juraj

Absolutely no problem, wicket can handle that just easily.
Let's assume you've got a BasePage (containing for example the HTML header and the <body> tag), a LayoutPage (containing the main layout) and a specific page (Page1):

BasePage.html :
<wicket:child>This will be replaced by LayoutPage</wicket:child>

LayoutPage.html :
  ..layout stuff..
<wicket:child>This will be replaced by Page1</wicket:child>
  .. more layout stuff ..

Page1.html :
  .. Page1 stuff ..


On 2010-11-23 14:31, Juraj Petko wrote:
  i am starting to explorer this beautifull framework and want to make a
big use of markup inheritance. What i can't do is to make a page3, which
markup inherits from page2 and at the same time page2 markup inherits
from page1. Am i doing something wrong, or there is no support for this?
thanks, juraj

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