Great library.  I always expected more of these since component creation and
reuse is one of Wickets a key strengths.

What I like about this lib is it's clean and finished.  There is no feeling
of immaturity or of a project that has died off.

On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 2:02 PM, alex shubert <>wrote:

> I must ask it: why did you make such fat header at your page? Did you
> every try to take a look at this in 1600*900 notebook screen?
> All you writings begins in bottom second part of the screen. It is not
> my busenees of course, but why dont you kill that nice picture and
> resize header to just contain "pragmatic" without strong empty white
> line?
> Ah, forget it. At least you did not add banner on the top of all of that
>  :)
> --
> Best regards
> Alex
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