Hi all,

I noticed some days ago that the AbstractLink component when disabled,
render itself as a span.
Is there some especific motivation for that ?

I´m asking because I think that a component/element does not have to change
itself in that way, its suposed to be a responsability of its holder, and
any way, why a span ? All applications should render a span instead of an
anchor when that anchor was disabled? Could I perhaps change it´s css class
and strip its actions ? Or nor even render it ?

Of course we can override the disableLink of AbstractLink (this is the
method that does the magic), but it becomes a problem because now we *have*
to do it.
One of the characteristics that I like most in wicket is freedom, I can use
whatever css and javascript the way I want, I can model my application in
any way I like it, and this is a point of advantage of wicket over other
frameworks, wicket is not pervasive, and the way that method is wrote is
very pervasive.


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