I have the following issue doing an Ajax update on the headers in a table.

In my application, clicking on the headers will dynamically change the icon
associated with each column.
If I do an update on a Panel object which contains the entire table then
this works well. However, I specifically don't want to do that, as I don't
want server side changes to other rows to be visible in the browser.

So, I wrap just the header row in a WebMarkupContainer. When clicking on the
headers to trigger the Ajax update only on this container, this happens:

1) The header row is getting redrawn again outside the table (in Firefox,
above the original table, in Safari by the side)
2) Clicking again on the original header row inside the table, the server
side code is being executed and the  'shadow headers' get updated, but not
the original header row itself
3) Clicking on the headers in the 'shadow row'  also triggers the server
side code

Here is the html:

        <table border="0" summary="" class="standardTable" cellpadding="0"
                cellspacing="0" id="tableToSort">
                                        <th scope="col">  Date </th>
                                        <th scope="col">  Type </th>
                                        <th scope="col" 
                                        <th scope="col">  Debit </th>
                                        <th scope="col">  Credit </th>
                                        <th scope="col" 
                                <td colspan="6"></td>
                <tr wicket:id="transactions">
                        <td nowrap="nowrap" wicket:id="date"></td>
                        <td nowrap="nowrap" wicket:id="type"></td>
                        // MORE COLUMNS
     // MORE STUFF

I should point out that the columns themselves are Panel objects.
As always, help is greatly appreciated !
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