I have the following case which I do not know how to handle with Wicket:

I have an element (specifically it is an <a href="">...</a> link) for which I 
need to generate an attribute's value dynamically (specifically, I need to set 
the "href" attribute at runtime), but I need to preserve the static content of 
the page.

For example, my HTML file is:

<a wicket:id="myTarget"><span class="x"></span>some static text</a>

What do I have to do to produce:

<a href="dynamically generated target"><span class="x"></span>some static 

So far, I've always replaced the entire content of an element with that 
generated by some wicket component, but this is the first time I've needed to 
"filter" part of the DOM and target something very specific in the middle of 
tree, without affecting the rest of the tree...

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