You can add an empty label to replace the content if not adding the
component. You can have a repeating list if you have lots of dynamic
content, this way whatever you add to the list is added or you can just add
an empty component.

It does seem odd to me that in your html you know whether to add the credit
card div, but in Wicket you do not... that is certainly unclear to me.

Btw, I am building an e-commerce solution myself, are you using an
opensource platform or building it yourself?

> Hello,
> I would like to add credit card processing form to many different pages in
> my application. However, I don't know which pages it will be added to and
> it
> is up to the web designer to decide.
> I would like to allow the web designer to be able to put<div
> wicket:id="creditCardForm"/>  anywhere in HTML. This would typically cause
> Wicket to throw an error saying that a matching component was not added.
> Is there a way to configure Wicket to somehow add an instance of
> CreditCardForm class whenever it sees<div wicket:id="creditCardForm"/>?
> Thanks,
> Alec
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