Ok i can move up and dowm using jquery

Here is the answer link :

but now i need to take ordered list items, any way to do this.

For exampe

1 - original items in the ListChoice

2- user move up and down some items

3 - I need to get new ordered ListChoice from wicket -- > any suggestions ??


2011/2/2 Andrea Del Bene <adelb...@ciseonweb.it>

> Hi,
> it's not exactly what you are looking for, but you could take a look at
> Palette component. You can find a live example here:
> http://wicketstuff.org/wicket14/compref/?wicket:bookmarkablePage=:org.apache.wicket.examples.compref.PalettePage
> This component support choices moving for 'selected' list. You can look in
> file  palette.js to see related JavaScript code.
>  Hi;
>> Any example about how to move up and down via Javascript ListChoice items.
>> Thanks.
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