in my FeedbackPanel, which is created inside PropertyListView I experience this behaviour. Each item , which is created in the PropertyListView contains a form and some data, which u can edit and a FeedbackPanel. When there is a new message in the FeedbackPanel, it is shown in all FeedbackPanels that are created. What do i have to do, so that the message is shown only in the one, where it belongs?

PropertyListView<HarvestedFile> propertyListView = new PropertyListView<HarvestedFile>(
                "allFiles", list) {
private static final long serialVersionUID = 612045960036358963L;

            protected void populateItem(ListItem<HarvestedFile> item) {
                form.add(new FeedbackPanel("feedback"));

later, i call textField.error("False input");

thx, Juraj
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