Hi all,

I'm in process of migrating from Wicket 1.4 to Wicket 1.5. I have the following 
method in the 1.4 version of my AuthenticatedWebApplication subclass:

            public RequestCycle newRequestCycle(final Request request, final 
Response response) {
                        return new WebRequestCycle(this, (WebRequest) request, 
(WebResponse) response) {

                                    protected void onBeginRequest() {
                                                /* invalidate the session if 
database session has expired */

                                    protected void 
onRequestTargetSet(IRequestTarget requestTarget) {
                                                /* set response page to change 
password page if user's password has expired */

As explained in the Migrating to Wicket 1.5 page I add a subclass of 
AbstractRequestCycleListener in the init() method:

AbstractRequestCycleListener() {

                                    public void onBeginRequest(RequestCycle 
cycle) {
                                                /* invalidate the session if 
database session has expired */

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with onRequestTargetSe()t method. Does 
anyone know how to achieve this?


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